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Diamond Wires Loop for granite cutting

The electroplated diamond wire saw essentially uses a metal as a bonding agent, Loop diamond wire saw, which is a kind of cutting tool for consolidating a high-hardness diamond abrasive on a substrate. The production cost is low, and the wire saw has a long  life and wear resistance. It is a kind of better ideal hard brittle material cutting tool. In recent years, electroplated diamond wire saws have become the focus of research at home and abroad. Relatively speaking, manufacturers of endless diamond wire saws started earlier in foreign research and finished products have been listed, while domestic research is relatively rare.

The circular electroplated diamond wire saw was studied by a composite electroplating method. The granite cutting test was performed on a self-made cutting experiment device. The results show that the edge of the kerf is in order and there is no disintegration. The surface of the cut granite is smooth. The loop diamond wire developed and produced by Zhengzhou Ensoll Tools Technology Co., Ltd. has independent intellectual property rights and a number of patented technologies. It is the first in China and is second to none in the international diamond wire saws.



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