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2 inch sapphire crystal rod cutting finished in 30 mins

The cutting for sapphire usually uses diamond multi-wire saws, due to the cutting movement is reciprocating. The wire saw needs to change direction, so the speed of the wire saw is low and often changes. This will bring two problems: one is that the line speed is low, which limits the processing efficiency; the second is that the surface of the material processing has traces when the wire saw is commutated, which affects the surface quality. It takes 3 to 4 hours to cut a 2 inch sapphire crystal rod using a reciprocating diamond wire (0.3mm). 

Ensoll Loop diamond wire moves in one direction and the linear velocity is high (20m/s). The cutting of the 2 inch sapphire crystal rod can be completed in 30 minutes.

Ensoll made the experiments and the results show that the diamond wire saw loop overcomes the shortcomings of multi-wire saw cutting, and the cutting effect is the best when the cutting linear speed is 20m/s, the feed speed is 0.5mm/min and the tension weight is 5kg.



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