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Why is the breaking rate of the diamond wire low?

First of all, we eliminate the disconnection caused by diamond wire quality problems, such as equipment failure, personnel operation, replacement of consumables, and changes in the process. In terms of the quality of the diamond wire saw, there are some differences between the steel type of the diamond wire and the straight-drawn steel wire used for ordinary mortar cutting. The price per unit of purchase is higher than that of the ordinary mortar straight pull line, and the price determines the difference in quality. Compared with the ordinary mortar, the straight-drawn straight line strengthens some key parameters such as the control of the winding degree and the tension impurity content.


At the same time, in the process of making the diamond wire loop, it is necessary to pass multiple times of the tension wheel (the device for fixing the winding to perform the winding operation), and the point of reducing the interruption line rate of the cutting process is also here.

The cutting of the diamond wire will not damage the diamond wire. According to the actual cutting test, after the endless diamond wire with a length of 600mm for cutting about 2100 pieces silicon is worn, the wear amount is 5um, and the wear of the mortar straight pull wire is basically 10- 18um) That is to say, the cutting process wears only the coating and the resin coating layer, and has not touched the diamond wire, so the physical properties of the endless diamond wire carrier will not change too much, which also ensures the whole stability of the cutting process.


Minimize silicon consumption


This is an important point that the diamond wire is obviously different from the traditional mortar. It is that the silicon consumption is reduced. Simply put, it is produced with less silicon material to meet the customer's requirements. Because there are more diamonds that can participate in effective cutting in the way of consolidation, the coating layer is smaller than the mixture of mortar, the kerfs seam loss is also less, and the cost of production and processing is reduced, so that the photovoltaic can enter thousands of households.



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