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The basic difference between diamond wire cutting and mortar cutting

The diamond wire is used to fix the diamond on the straight-drawn steel wire by means of bonding and electroplating for

high-speed round-trip cutting, and the cutting mode of the mortar is a free cutting mode. The suspended silicon carbide is

suspended by the suspension, and then driven by the wire mesh, grinding and cutting.

Introduction to the classification of diamond wire

The endless diamond wire is mainly divided into two major types, namely, the resin diamond wire and the electroplated

diamond wire, and the brazing is waiting for commercialization technology.

Difference between electroplated diamond wire and resin diamond wire:

1. Differences in the way the diamond particles are fixed;

2. The difference in the number of particles in the diamond line;

3. The difference in breaking force after the finished diamond wire;

4. The difference in the diameter of the finished product.



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