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Cutting porous metal materials with circular endless diamond wire saw

Porous metal is a kind of fine-grained spherical powder stainless steel sintered at high temperature, and the interior is evenly covered with tiny exhaust holes in all directions. It is also called porous material or breathable steel, which is used in gas trapping of injection molds.

Properties of porous metals

1、 Reduce injection pressure and reduce molding and holding time.

2、 Reduce and eliminate the internal stress of the molded parts to prevent the deformation and warpage of the products.

3、 For plastic parts with skin texture, the bright skin texture produced by high temperature and high pressure can solve the problem of matte surface.

4、 Due to the close cooperation of the parting surface of the mold, the difficulties in opening the mold can be solved. It solves many problems such as the inability to provide enough surface area to accommodate a large amount of gas that may be generated by using ejector pins and inserts, and avoids the flash and other defects caused by using parting surfaces or other exhaust systems.

5、 It can solve and alleviate the difficult molding problems such as gate deviation, uneven wall thickness and thin wall products.

6、 The defects such as scorching, flow marks, lack of material and part deformation caused by gas generated by high temperature of molding materials and rapid pressure accumulation in the mold cavity can be fully solved.

7、 Improve molding production efficiency and save production cost.

Micropores may be plugged after grinding or any heavy cutting. Wire saw cutting processing shall be used. The processing speed shall be slightly increased during wire cutting processing. If it is too slow, an arc may be generated in the micropores, which is unfavorable to the molybdenum wire. When the machining allowance is large, hard cutting can be used, but 0.1-0.2mm allowance must be reserved for soft machining.


We use diamond wire loop saw to test the cutting of porous metal, and the cutting effect is good. At present, more and more customers change the wire cutting method to cut porous metal. The video link is for your reference





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