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Diamond circular saw blade in the stone industry

The diamond circular saw blade is the most used in stone processing and the most developed by the production and research unit. Some products have reached the international advanced level. However, there are still many gaps in the rigidity, toughness and mechanical strength of the saw blade, the accuracy of the saw blade, the dimensional tolerance, and the service life. Among them, the combination saw blade is scrapped due to problems such as deformation and deviation. Small saw blades require good sharpness, and the cut sheets do not collapse, and many saw blades do not meet the user's requirements.

The process of sawing a stone with a diamond saw blade is the relative motion between the saw blade and the stone. Under the effect of the cutting force, the diamond on the cutter head is carved into the stone with its extremely high hardness, and the stone is continuously scraped at a high speed following the rotation and feeding of the saw blade to effectively perform the sawing. If the sawing parameters are not properly selected, the cutting force is lacking to make the diamond engraved into the stone, and the high-speed rotation of the saw blade conflicts with the stone, which often makes the diamond blunt and weakens the effect of scraping the stone. At this moment, if the coolant is lacking, the diamond  is further damaged by heat, and finally the saw blade loses the sawing effect.



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