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Cat claw board (corrugated paper) cutting

Many cat feeder feel headache about the cat's claw grinding, because the cat's claw grinding will always destroy the furniture at home. Some cats have no feeling for the cat scratch board at all. It is likely that the cat scratch board you choose does not meet the wishes of the cat. There are many shapes and materials of cat scratch board in the market.

As environmental protection and low-carbon are paid more and more attention, corrugated cat scratch board made of high-density professional corrugated paper is more and more recognized by consumers.

Advantages: low price, various shapes, can meet the cat's desire to scratch. Add Polygonum japonicum powder, which is very popular with cats. In addition, corrugated grab board materials are easy to find and easy to make. Parents who like to do it can also DIY a love grab board by themselves.

Endless diamond wire cutting is a new type of cutting method. It not only has the advantages of band saw cutting with narrow kerf, high output rate, and high cutting speed, but also there is no limit to the radius of curvature of cutting for curve processing. It's A more flexible cutting method.

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