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Cutting Nd-Fe-B magnet with diamond wire saw

      NdFeB magnets can be divided into bonded NdFeB magnets and sintered NdFeB magnets. Bonding is actually injection molding, while sintering is vacuum forming through high temperature heating. Neodymium iron boron magnet is the permanent magnet with the strongest magnetic force at room temperature so far (the magnetic force is second only to holmium magnet at absolute zero, but the magnetic force at room temperature is much stronger than all known permanent magnets). Material grades are n35-n52; Various shapes can be processed according to specific requirements: round, square, drilling, magnetic tile, magnetic rod, convex, trapezoid, etc; Despite these advantages, the surface is easy to rust, so some protective surface treatments are usually required: nickel plating, zinc plating, gold plating, epoxy resin plating, etc. The applicable ambient temperature of ordinary NdFeB magnet is below 80 ℃, and the Curie temperature is 320 ~ 380 ℃. It is mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, motors, toys, leather goods, automobile machinery, etc.


       Because Nd-Fe-B material is brittle and hard, it is very difficult to process, and it is difficult to achieve the purpose of processing by ordinary processing methods. The existing processing equipment mainly includes WEDM equipment, inner circle slicer and multi wire cutting machine. Among them, multi wire cutting machine has large output and high processing efficiency, which is adopted by more and more enterprises.


       With the development of technology, it is found that using the cutting wire coated with diamond particles on the surface can significantly improve the cutting efficiency. Because the diamond line does not need abrasive, it can significantly change the cutting quality and improve the cutting environment. Because diamond wire can cut both workpiece and guide wheel group at the same time, reducing the number of guide wheels is a difficult problem to be solved.


        Diamond wire loop saw developed by Zhengzhou Insoll Tool Technology Co., Ltd. has independent intellectual property rights and a number of patented technologies.As a leading diamond wire loop producers in China ,Ensoll is also second to none in the international diamond wire market.



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