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Hardness of Gems and Wire Cutting of Gems

1.    1-3 hard gemstones

In fact, there are many kinds of gemstones. During the hardness period of 1-3, there are also many kinds of gemstones. In 1-1.5, there are Qingtian stone, in 1-3, there are plastics and talc, in 2-3, there are silica malachite, amber, ivory, tortoiseshell, chicken blood stone, Shoushan Tianhuang, in 2-6, there are coal essence, pearl, serpentine, and in 3, there are calcite and marble.

2.   3-6 hard gemstones

Between 3-6, there are 3-4 grade corals, dolomite, shells, calcium borate, celestite, barite, 3-5 grade rhodochrosite and malachite, and 4-5 grade fish eye, smithsone and kyanite. The gemstones of grade 5-6 include natural glass, lapis lazuli, chalcopyrite, turquoise, azurite, wollastonite, actinolite, pyroxene, strontium titanate, hematite, hercynite, sodium aluminophosphorite and rose pyroxene.

3、 Stone with hardness of 6-10

There are also many gemstones of grade 6-10, including albite jade, moonstone, Tianhe stone, heliolite, cristolite, elongated stone, nephrite, grape stone, Dushan stone, axe stone, chalcedony, jadeite, quartzite, spinel, etc. The last one with hardness of 100 is diamond.



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