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Working principle and application example of diamond wire cutting machine

When the processed material is non-conductive and needs to be processed by wire cutting, the WEDM machine will lose its effect. Therefore, the diamond wire cutting machine begins to show its processing advantages. It can cut conductive and non-conductive materials (as long as the hardness is smaller than the diamond wire). Therefore, diamond wire cutting machine is widely used to cut various metal and non-metal composite materials, such as ceramics, glass, rock, gem, jade, meteorite, monocrystalline silicon, silicon carbide, polycrystalline silicon, refractory brick, epoxy plate, ferrite, PCB, building materials, dental materials, biological and bionic composite materials, especially for cutting high hardness, high value Various brittle crystals that are easily broken.

The cutting principle of diamond wire cutting machine is similar to that of hacksaw. The wire winding cylinder with high-speed rotation and reciprocating rotation drives the diamond wire to make reciprocating motion. The diamond wire is tensioned by two tensioning wire wheels (spring or pneumatic), and two guide wheels are added to ensure the cutting accuracy and surface shape. By automatically controlling the workbench to feed continuously in the direction of the diamond line console, or controlling the diamond line console to feed continuously in the direction of the workbench, grinding is generated between the diamond line and the object to be cut to form cutting. In the cutting process, due to the small diameter and elasticity of the diamond line, the diamond cutting line forms an opening angle between the object to be cut and the two guide wheels on the left and right, and the diamond line is in a micro arc shape. Therefore, the force applied to the cut object and the relative movement between the diamond line and the cut object make the cutting continue.

For example, silicon carbide (SIC) is the third generation semiconductor material. It has the advantages of large band gap, high critical breakdown field strength and high thermal conductivity. It is an ideal material for making high-voltage and high-power semiconductor devices. Although it is very important to grow high-quality and large-diameter SiC single crystal, wafer processing plays a decisive role in the surface quality of the wafer. It is very important to cut the bulk single crystal into wafers with small warpage, uniform thickness and small knife gap loss, otherwise it will bring great difficulties to the subsequent grinding and polishing work. Because the Mohs hardness of SiC is 9.2, second only to diamond (its Mohs hardness is 10), it is very difficult to process. When the crystal diameter reaches 2 inches, the conventional inner circle cutting machine can not work effectively, and the diamond wire cutting technology must be used.



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