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The Influence of Diamond Wire cutting Technology for Silicon Ingot Cropping

Mono-crystalline products, such as monocryastalline silicon ingots are quickly gaining recognition and popularity in China

because of their inherent benefits of better cost performance and this trend is rapidly spreading outside of China. Matched

with keen competitive pricing of mono cells and modules, PV products based on mono-crystalline technology is estimated

to capture 47% of the total market in 2018 and projected to grow to around 60% in the following few years. As a

frame of reference, mono-crystalline product share was 28% in 2017.

Our diamond wire loop with great advantage for the monocrystalline silicon ingot cropping, high

cutting efficiency and high precision cutting.

At present, for the silicon cropping, the endless diamond wire we mainly supply 0.65mm diameter,

2960mm/2640mm/2670mm length, under the high cutting linear speed, the tool life of per continuous diamond wire saw

could be up to more than 200 times cutting.



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