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Why the Diamond Wire can Improve Efficiency?

Divided by the production process, the diamond wire can be divided into an electroplated diamond wire and a resin diamond wire. The diamond cutting wire is made by plating a diamond on a steel wire by a certain method. Through the diamond cutting machine, the diamond cutting wire can form a relative grinding motion with the object, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting.

The diamond wire is a method of composite electroplating to solidify a high hardness, high wear resistance diamond micropowder on a steel wire substrate to form a fixed abrasive diamond saw wire. 90% of the tensile strength during the cutting process comes from the steel wire, so the steel wire is critical to the diamond wire.

Why the Diamond Wire can Improve Efficiency?

The fixed method, that is, the diamond cutting involved in the grinding, also reduces the mutual wear between the abrasives.

The hardness of diamond is high, and the wear resistance of diamond is strong, which will greatly extend the service life of diamond wire.

The cutting line speed is high, the contact area between the diamond and the silicon wafer is increased, and the diamond wire can withstand other defects caused by the high line speed, thereby exerting the advantage of high cutting speed.



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