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Gallium nitride semiconductor

Gallium nitride material is known as the third generation semiconductor material, also known as wide band gap semiconductor, together with SiC, diamond and other semiconductor materials, due to its band gap width of 3.4ev. Because gallium nitride has the advantages of large band gap, high breakdown electric field, high saturated electron velocity, high thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, stable chemical properties and strong radiation resistance, it has become one of the Shou selected materials for high temperature, high frequency and high power microwave devices.

Performance comparison between gallium nitride (GAN) and gallium arsenide (GaAs); Performance comparison between gallium nitride (GAN) and silicon (SI). Due to the increasing demand for high-speed, high-temperature and high-power semiconductor devices, gallium nitride material devices are gradually applied in the semiconductor market. Its main application fields include:

New energy sector:

In the field of renewable energy, it has played an extremely important role in connecting wind power and solar power to the power grid and reducing transmission losses; Emerging fields such as green energy, electric vehicles and green electronic lighting are becoming new hotspots in the market application of power devices, with strong demand.

Information and communication equipment:

Enhanced gallium nitride transistors show high radiation resistance, so they are suitable for the power and communication systems of communication and scientific satellites; Point to point communication, satellite communication, various radars and new industrial / YL applications will benefit from the application of these high-power gallium nitride devices.

4C industry:

Major domestic IT products will still maintain strong market demand. Traditional products such as notebook computers, monitors, printers, televisions, music centers, laser disc players and emerging automotive electronics will maintain steady growth in the future. With the transfer of the production capacity of electronic products such as air conditioners and energy-saving motors to ZG mainland, the demand for power semiconductors will also increase exponentially.

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