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What is the difference between white sapphire and diamond?

In fact, sapphire is a gem with very diverse colors. Due to the different proportion of ions formed inside, sapphire can show thousands of colors. White sapphire has the simplest chemical composition among sapphires, because compared with other colored sapphires, it does not contain any chromogenic elements and is purely composed of alumina.

Seeing the purity, transparency and crystal clarity of white sapphire, we can't help thinking of another well-known gem that also presents white (colorless) - diamond. When it comes to diamonds, we are more familiar with them. For thousands of years, they have been the representative of high-quality gemstones and enjoy the highest position in the international jewelry market. Because the colors of white sapphire and diamond are very similar, many people will confuse them. So we can't help asking, what's the difference between white sapphire and diamond?

In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish white sapphire from diamond because they are two completely different gemstones. In terms of chemical composition, the composition of diamond is very simple. Its constituent elements only contain carbon, which is formed by the arrangement of carbon atoms in a certain order, while the main component of white sapphire is alumina. Therefore, they can be instantly distinguished in chemical instruments. In addition, the hardness of diamond is higher than that of white sapphire. Diamond is the hardest natural mineral in the world, so it is very difficult to be scratched and worn, which also makes diamond very valuable for collection.

At present, in the market, the price of diamonds and white sapphires of the same quality is higher. The reasons are: first, diamonds should be more well-known and more popular in the market; Second, the damage resistance of diamonds is higher than that of white sapphire, so the collection value is higher than that of sapphire; Third, the output of diamonds in the world is rarer than sapphire, so the price is naturally more expensive.

However, this does not mean that we have to buy diamonds in the market. Now, as a substitute for diamonds, white sapphire is becoming more and more popular. Its price growth rate and market expansion rate are much faster than diamonds. Therefore, although the price of diamonds is still higher than that of white sapphire, there is unlimited room for appreciation of white sapphire in the future.

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