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Outstanding performance of endless diamond wire saw

Endless diamond wire cutting known as unidirectional high-speed cutting. Therefore, there are no marks due to cutting back and forth, and the cutting surface has high precision. Changing the feed direction can cut two-dimensional curved surfaces. At the same time, the endless diamond wire saw does not have the forward and reverse directions like the traditional long wire that needs to acceleration and deceleration process. The unidirectional cutting of the endless diamond wire can greatly increase the line speed, up to a line speed of 60m/s. It provide much smaller kerf than blade as well as Less kerf and wasted materials compared to solid blades(slurry wire may be similar).Galvanic residue on the entire slice is always visible after cutting by galvanised cutting wire. this could save hundreds or thousands of dollars of waste on very expensive materials. Diamond wire cutting uses tap water to lubricate, cool the cut, and remove debris. On some materials DWC may not need water or cutting fluid, thus leaving a clean dry cut. It process fine cutting without dimensional deformation, heating and structural deformations. Very often, there is no requirement of polishing for cutting surface. DWS produce a cut that leaves virtually any material with clean, splinter-free, smooth, sharp, non-destructive, burr-free surfaces and sharp edges. Nothing can produces such a pure section without residue from the cutting tool. The diamond wire is refers to the use of electroplating process or resin bonding method to fix the diamond abrasive on stainless steel wire. This patented coating process provides maximum cutting capacity and long wire life.



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