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Why Loop Diamond Wire is the best choice for Tire Section Cutting?

Ensoll Loop diamond wire or endless diamond wire is one of the flexibility cutting tool, setting the diamond crystals onto the steel surface, mainly used for cutting hard and brittle materials.

The rubber products are not belong to the brittle and hard materials, and can be cut by high-speed steel cutting tools. However, the actual rubber products, such as tires, will be added into the high-strength materials like steel wires. The difficulty in cutting such rubber products has been greatly increased. The tire manufacturer needs to cut the finished product in order to inspect the product.

Ensoll 2.5mm OD diamond wire loop linear speed could be up to 40m/s , dry cutting, greatly shorten the cutting time and increased the cutting efficiency. The Continuous/Loop/Endless diamond wire is the best choice of tire section cutting for tire manufacturers’ quality department.



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