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Ultra-thin Marble cutting (0.1mm thickness) by endless diamond wire saw

Ultra-thin stone 100% natural rock surface layer, rather than imitation stone products, it uses the stratification of

rock, using nanotechnology, from the natural rock is layered and peeled off, completely retaining the natural texture

and texture of ultra-thin stone, The overall grain is natural and generous, and the non-imitation stone product film

printing product lines.

The rocks used in ultra-thin marble applications are shale and sedimentary rocks, which have natural stratification.

In the process of nano-treatment of rock, the rock layer is naturally separated into 0.5mm layer rationality, and is

reinforced by 0.5mm glass fiber polyester used in the back plate, which ensures the stability of the material while

ensuring the thickness. 1 mm thickness.

Bending is a unique feature of ultra-thin stone. When the rock layer is adhered to the super-strong polyester, the

natural bending characteristics of the polyester can also be used to achieve the rock bending characteristics. This

feature makes the stone cylinder coated and the surface is very applied and Convenience.

The application of our diamond wire loop with diamond wire saw could realize the 0.1mm thickness cutting for the

marble cutting.



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