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Characteristics of diamond wire loop

In recent years, with the increasing development of intraocular lens, diamond wire saw becomes more value. The cutting process is very stable. Not only the cutting seam should be small, but also the diamond wire saw blade should not have micro cracks. Enterprises engaged in ring wire cutting technology should develop more ring wire cutting machines to meet the needs of cutting crystal materials, and let more intraocular crystal enterprises use ring diamond wire cutting equipment.

At present, domestic diamond wire and multi chip cutting machines have been widely used in production, but the development of ring diamond wire saw technology still lags behind.

Zhengzhou Ensoll tools is engaged in the R & D, production and sales of circular diamond wire saw. With independent intellectual property rights and a number of patented technologies, it is also second to none in the international diamond wire saw products. Adhering to the business philosophy of technology-based and service-oriented, the company has helped our customers solve many problems in the cutting industry of hard and brittle materials such as tires, photovoltaic silicon, sapphire, ceramics and marble. In the field of diamond wire cutting, it has won the recognition and trust of customers. Welcome all industries to consult and cooperate.

Ring diamond wire saw can not only accurately cut hard and brittle materials such as silicon crystal, but also realize forming processing. Compared with free abrasive cutting, ring diamond wire saw hard and brittle materials have many advantages: thin slice, high efficiency, small machining surface damage, material saving, etc. it is especially suitable for cutting precious hard and brittle materials such as gemstones, crystals and large-size silicon crystals.

With the widespread application of solar photovoltaic materials and the development of other hard and brittle materials, diamond wire saw wire manufacturing technology and machine tool manufacturing technology have made great progress. Wire saw machine tools can be divided into various forms of cutting machine tools according to different motion modes of saw wire. Among them, the winding type has a long winding length and can cut multiple crystals at the same time. Generally, there are two retracting and releasing wheels, and its winding length can reach more than 30km. Without commutation for a long time, it can realize high-speed and efficient cutting.



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