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How to cut aluminum by diamond wire cutting

Aluminum cutting by wire cutting has always been a difficult point. It is very common to damage conductive blocks, easily break wires and waste liquid.

1. Reasonable matching of pulse electrical parameters

When machining aluminum parts by wire cutting, a wide pulse width is easy to produce relatively large alumina or particles with alumina on the surface. If the pulse interval is too small, it will also produce large particle pull. The molybdenum wire is very easy to adhere to these large processing particles, which has a great negative impact on the processing. Improve the no-load voltage amplitude of the pulse power supply. By reducing the pulse width and processing pulse gap, the possibility of dry processing chips adhering to the electrode wire can be reduced.

2. Operation skills

A sponge can be added to the rear slot of the upper rack. The high-speed round-trip molybdenum wire can be rubbed by the sponge to remove part of the adhered oxide, reduce the wear of the oxide to the conductive block, reduce the jitter of the electrode wire, and ensure the normal play of the efficiency of the pulse power supply. Pay attention to changing the working position of the conductive block frequently.

The above method is not only suitable for cutting aluminum materials, but also for the processing of some special materials, such as copper parts, conductive ceramics, silicon nitride and boron nitride. If the WEDM machine tool is used to process a large number of aluminum parts, the processing problem will be more prominent, and the above measures can not fundamentally solve the problem. This needs to be considered from the perspective of machine tool transformation, and the way of power input by conductive block is no longer used. For example, the way of power input by wire barrel can be suitable for production and processing.

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