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The morphology of the steel wire Surface after coated different sizes Diamond

We conducted a comparative study on the wear resistance of nanodiamond and microdiamond composite coatings. Research shows that microdiamond composite coating has good wear resistance, but the wear resistance of nanodiamond composite coating is significantly affected by the heat treatment temperature, and the wear resistance of nanodiamond composite coating with heat treatment temperature is not obvious.

The wear resistance of the nano-diamond composite coating is mainly determined by the matrix. The addition of nano-diamond does not significantly change the wear resistance and wear mechanism of the coating. The wear resistance of the micro-diamond composite coating does not mainly depend on the matrix, but it is more important, the action factor is composite particles, namely micro-diamonds change the wear mechanism of the coating, so that the composite coating has better wear resistance. Therefore, from the viewpoint of wear resistance, the smaller the diamond particles, its not the better. It needs to have a certain particle size.



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