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Diamond Wire Sawing Machine with Diamond Wire Loops Advantages

Our diamond wire saw and diamond cutting machine is not only used for cropping for mono-silicon, poly-silicon, other hard and brittle materials cutting also are workable: ceramic cutting, metal cutting, etc.

Advantages of our Diamond Wire Saws and diamond cropping saw...

1) Are flexible to remove and easy to operate. Servo motor + PLC control system, accurate the cutting positioning.

2) With extremely high cutting efficiency, the linear speed can be upto 60m/s.

3) With excellent cutting quality, the cutting surface without wire marks.

4) With patented driving wheel self-tension system, greatly improved machine reliability and reduced failure rate.

5) Are simple to replace diamond wire. Automatically lift the tension wheel, and one person can complete the operation within 1 minute.

6) With perfect Wire Breaking Protection System and Position Limitation Protection System, which ensure the operation more secure.



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