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Diamond wire cutting technology has unique process advantages

Diamond cutting wire, a linear cutting tool made by plating the diamond particles on the surface of the steel wire by the electrode position of metal. Through the diamond wire saw, the diamond cutting wire can form a relative grinding movement with the object, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting. At present, diamond cutting wire are mainly used for the cutting of hard and brittle materials such as crystalline silicon and sapphire.

The traditional cutting methods include steel cutting, band saw cutting and internal and external circular saw cutting. These methods all have defects such as large cutting loss, poor surface accuracy, and many surface damages. In order to improve the cutting efficiency of crystalline silicon, sapphire and other hard and brittle materials, in the 90s of last century, there has been a wire saw cutting method, that is, cutting through the steel wire with abrasive, the wire saw cutting has been developed from the beginning of the single wire saw to the present multi-wire saw.

At present, the mainstream cutting methods on the market can be divided into diamond wire cutting and steel wire cutting. Mortar steel wire cutting means that when the steel wire rubs the cutting material back and forth, a liquid abrasive (mortar) such as silicon carbide (SiC) is attached to the steel wire, and the mutual friction between the steel wire, the liquid abrasive and the material to be cut is applied. Diamond wire cutting adopts special technical means to firmly fix the hard diamond firmly on the steel wire, and then cut the material with the finished diamond wire.



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