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What is the usage of diamond wire loop?

The conventional diamond wire may easily lead to a jumper and lead to wire breakage when wire decelerates and accelerates too fast. which causes great inconvenience during cutting process. But Endless diamond wire loop saw does not have the problem . which greatly saves the cost of wire replacement and improves the cutting efficiency.

the improvement in efficiency does not come from the saving of wire return time, but the wire speed of the endless wire which is extremely high , (upto 60m / s), under the effect of high linear speed, the cutting speed will also increase by multiples.

Diamond wire loop saw developed by Zhengzhou Insoll Tool Technology Co., Ltd. has independent intellectual property rights and a number of patented technologies.As a leading diamond wire loop producers in China ,Ensoll is also second to none in the international diamond wire market.

Endless diamond wire loop saw has a small wire diameter, low manufacturing cost, low consumable rate, neat saw seam, smooth cutting surface , good wear resistance and heat resistance. It is not only suitable for cutting hard and brittle materials such as ceramics and silicon rods, but also suitable for the cutting of precious objects such as gems and crystals,.



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