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Compound semiconductor cutting-Diamond wire

Semiconductor material is the electronic material for making semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. It is the foundation of semiconductor industry. With the emergence of new semiconductor materials, the progress of power electronics technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology, semiconductors have experienced three generations of changes in the past. Gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GAN) and silicon carbide (SIC) semiconductors are the representatives of the second and third generation semiconductors respectively. Compared with Diyi generation semiconductor silicon (SI), they have better performance in high frequency and high temperature.

Compound semiconductor chips are often used to manufacture power semiconductors because of their excellent high-frequency performance. In the application, two functions are realized through frequency conversion, voltage transformation, current transformation, power amplification and management: amplification and switching. At present, more than 75% of electric energy applications need power conversion before they can be used by equipment. Its application fields are more and more extensive.

Amplification: the low-frequency power becomes high-frequency power. By making full use of the amplification effect, the low-power drive motor can be used.

Switch: switch the on and off of the circuit. The faster the switching speed, the more precise control can be realized.

As for cutting, a 12 inch bar cutting experiment was carried out two weeks ago. Using the diamond wire cutting technology of Zhengzhou Ensoll Tool Technology Co., Ltd., the wire mark is almost invisible, and the flatness can be controlled at 3 divisions, which solves many semiconductor cutting concave problems and greatly reduces the difficulty of later grinding and material consumption.



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