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Diamond Wire Cutting for Hard and Brittle Materials

Hard and brittle materials refer to materials with high hardness and brittleness, usually non-conductors or semiconductors, such as various stone, gemstone, glass, silicon crystal, quartz crystal, cemented carbide, ceramic and rare earth magnetic materials.


With the development of industry, hard and brittle materials are increasingly used in various fields, and their processing precision and technical requirements are getting higher and higher. Conventional tool materials, such as high-speed steel, cemented carbide, ceramics, etc., often do not meet the needs of the above-mentioned processing, but must use super-hard material tools.


Among the various processing methods of hard and brittle materials, cutting processing plays an important role. The cutting of brittle materials generally has the following requirements: high efficiency, low cost, high precision, narrow slit, small warping deformation, low surface damage.


Our diamond wire loop or endless diamond wire is the best choice for the hard and brittle materials, the cutting for monocrystalline silicon with diamond wire, diamond wire cutting for tire section, foamed aluminum cutting with continuous diamond wire, diamond wire saw for ceramics cutting, etc achieved huge successes.



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