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several kinds of cutting tools for hard brittle materials especially silicon.

Electroplated diamond wire

This wire electroplated with diamonds grains is small-diameter and high-strength. It usually cut multiple slices of hard brittle materials such as silicon, sapphire, and neodymium-iron alloy. It can produce many wafers rapidly. It also can cut rare metals and difficult-to-machine materials in single cutting, sizing and multiple slices cutting.


Electroplated Diamond Band saws

It’s a thin-band saw made of an endless, high-strength steel band with and cutting edge electroplated by diamond. It can cut large-diameter materials included silicon ingot, carbon, ceramics and glass accurately, efficiently and precisely.


 ID blades

Slice silicon ingots/semiconductor material/glass and magnetic materials    

also for larger wafer size


OD blades

End-cutting/removing brick Inclusions

 squaring monocrystal and polycrystal silicon ingot


Core drills

Coring sapphire for LED substrates


Hub-type electroformed blades

It owns aluminum alloy hubs and it’s a easier type than ting-type blades. Wafers with metallic film, silicon for semiconductors and compound wafers by specially-treated blade edges.


Electroformed hubless-type Dicing Blades

It used for grooving of silicon wafers, compound semiconductor wafers, electronic materials, resin, metals, ceramics, compound materials.


Electroformed Blades with steel core

Grooving and cutting resin, metals, ceramics and compound materials.


Precision Cutting wheels(Non-core type)

Precision electronic parts require a thin cutting wheel that are hubless and precise. It is used to cut resin, metals, ceramics, glass, compound materials, electronic parts .


The TCR(metal bond cutting wheel)

It have same level rigidity with electroformed cutting wheels.


Long-life resin cutter

It used for process electronic materials like glass and ceramics by chipping and cutting resistance.


Diamond cutting wheel (cutting rare-earth magnets)

Diamond Scribers( scribing silicon wafers into pellets and splitting compound semiconductors(gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide), sapphire, glass.



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