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Contribution of diamond wire loop to the photovoltaic industry

Both cropping and squaring can be done by diamond wire loop precisely. Initially, the cropping process uses either an annular saw, an OD saw or a reciprocating saw. Each saw has a blade that is coated with industrial diamond. The blade needs to be cooled and lubricated during the process to avoid extreme heat and chipping of the silicon surface.

Squaring transforms the cropped silicon slab or ingot into measured blocks that are then mounted on silicon carbide slurry fed wire saws and transformed into individual wafers. Modern squaring is performed using saws that utilize diamond coated wire(endless diamond wire saw/diamond encrusted saw) to perform the cutting action. This newer technology increases the production of squaring two times while producing less waste and cleaner wafers than traditional technology.

After squaring, the silicon blocks are edge-ground, cleaned, and mounted on a traditional wire saw for wafer processing turning the blocks into individual wafers.



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