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How much do you know about diamond wire saws - pv industry

How much do you know about diamond wire saws - pv industry  


Diamond wire: also known as diamond cutting wire (diamond wire saw, diamond wire), through the method of electroplating process or resin combination, the diamond powder particles are uniformly consolidated on the matrix of high strength steel wire made of linear cutting tools.  Similarly, it is this thin electroplating line, which is as thick as a hair and inlaid with diamond powder, that promotes the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry.  


Photovoltaic (Photovoltaic) : short for Solar power system. It is a new power generation system that directly converts the Solar radiation energy into electric energy by using the Photovoltaic effect of the semiconductor material of the Solar cell. It has two modes of independent operation and grid-connected operation.  


Advantages of diamond wire saw  


1. Steel-stone wire saw, cutting benefit increased by 60% in line entry time, significantly improved cutting time;  Save time, save water, save electricity, save labor.  


2. The gap of crystalline silicon material is reduced, the slice is increased by 8%-10%, the waste material is changed into chip, and the benefit is improved.  


3. Environmental protection, reduce the silicon carbide treatment in the back section, reduce the cost.  


Application of diamond wire saw in photovoltaic industry chain  


Photovoltaic industry chain mainly includes silicon material, silicon chip, crystalline silicon cell chip, photovoltaic module, photovoltaic power generation system five links.  Upstream for silicon material collection, silicon wafer production links;  The middle stream is the production of crystalline silicon cells and photovoltaic modules;  Downstream is the integration and operation of photovoltaic power generation system.  Among them, silicon wafer cutting is the main process of slice production, diamond line can be used for silicon bar truncation, silicon ingot square, silicon wafer cutting, its cutting performance directly affects the quality of silicon wafer and photovoltaic module photoelectric conversion performance.  

Ensoll is mainly focused on the R&D and production of electroplated diamond wires, and gradually began to be applied in industrial production.



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