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Diamond Wire is the fit choice for hard and brittle materials cutting

With the development and production of high-tech science and technology, and the ever-increasing progress in microelectronics, optoelectronics, sensor technology, and materials technology, the use of hard and brittle materials such as silicon crystals, hard alloys, optical glasses, ceramics, semiconductor materials, and granites has become increasingly widespread. Its processing requirements are also getting higher and higher. Electroplated diamond wire saw has the advantages of small sawing force, neatly sawn joints, smooth cut surface, high material yield, low noise, low environmental pollution, high cutting efficiency, etc. It has been rapidly developed in the past ten years and used in the silicon crystals, gemstones and other fields more and more widely. However, the current manufacturing of electroplated diamond wire saws has a long preparation cycle, low plating efficiency and high manufacturing cost, hinder the application of electroplated diamond wire saws.

Electroplated diamond wire saw manufacturing methods are mainly inter-sand method and suspension method. Since the inter-sand method has disadvantages such as low manufacturing efficiency, long preparation period, and complicated manufacturing equipment, it is rarely used in actual production. At present, the manufacture of electroplated diamond wire saw mainly uses the suspension method, but the electroplated diamond wire saw manufactured by the suspension method has many influencing factors and the process parameters are complex. Therefore, it is very important to research the process of making the electroplated diamond wire saw by the suspension method.

Finally, electroplated diamond wire saw made by suspension method was used to perform the appearance quality inspection and the glass was cut on the self-made cutting equipment. The results show that the kerfs are smooth, no burrs and micro-cracks, which indicates that the diamond wire saw manufactured by the suspension method can meet the cutting requirements of hard and brittle materials.



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