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Diamond Wires for Silicon Cutting

In recent years, the demand for large area silicon wafers in the solar photovoltaic power generation industry has continuously increased. At present, the diameter for silicon rods could be made is developing from 2 inches, 4 inches to 8 inches and even 12 inches. Due to the large demand and large size, the traditional internal and external circular diamond cutting technologies are difficult to cut and process, and this kind of technology have obvious disadvantages: low cutting efficiency, low wire speed, and short saw wire tool life, hard for slurry recovery, serious environmental pollution, etc.

In order to solve the problems existing in the cutting way of free abrasive, more and more people begin to study the wire cutting tools of fixed abrasive, Ensoll is mainly focused on the R&D and production of electroplated diamond wires, and gradually began to be applied in industrial production.

Ensoll Loop Diamond Wire: High efficiency cutting and High precision cutting!



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