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The market overview of Sapphire cutting with Diamond Wire

Sapphire cutting with diamond wire market overview

The sapphire industry chain includes upstream crystal growth equipment manufacturers, raw material and consumables suppliers, sapphire crystal manufacturers, mid-stream sapphire substrate manufacturers, sapphire windows (for the consumer electronics industry for optical materials), and downstream The manufacturing industry is engaged in deep processing of manufacturing companies.

In the field of sapphire cutting, due to the high hardness of the sapphire material, it is difficult to effectively cut the sapphire by the traditional mortar wire and the resin diamond wire with weak diamond bonding strength. The electroplated diamond wire has completely replaced the conventional mortar wire. The electroplated diamond wire is mainly used for the sapphire substrate, the opening and slicing of the window piece, and the like. Based on experience, the market for electroplated diamond wire is directly related to the consumption of downstream sapphire sheets. Cutting a 2-inch sapphire sheet requires 2 meters of electroplated diamond wire. Therefore, the demand for the gilded wire market for sapphire cutting is mainly determined by the market demand for sapphire materials.

The market demand for sapphire is mainly determined by the demand for sapphire substrate materials in the LED industry and the demand for optical sapphire materials for the consumer electronics industry. According to YOLE data, in 2016 about 80% of sapphire was used for LED substrate materials, and the remaining 20% of sapphire was used for non-substrate materials.

Due to the rapid expansion of production capacity of the sapphire industry in recent years, the price of sapphire has declined significantly in the near future. At present, the sapphire substrate market is growing steadily. The non-sapphire substrate market is in the stage of exploration and development, and it has been applied. However, the market for mobile phones and other large-volume markets has not yet made substantial breakthroughs. Considering that sapphire has advantages such as high hardness and infrared light transmission, its application in consumer electronics still has great potential.



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