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Diamond wire loop saw cut hollow insulating brick

Insulating brick is a new kind of building material synthesized from polymer materials. It is a new product that can replace ceramic tiles. It is mainly suitable for toilets, kitchens, TV background walls, bedrooms, external walls, etc. With bright colors and various specifications, it can be cut at will, and the cutting surface is neat.

Due to the characteristics of small specific gravity, high strength, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance and high service temperature, light insulating bricks are widely used in the construction of industrial furnaces in national defense, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, building materials, electronics, coking, shipbuilding, medicine, rubber and other industries, and have achieved good thermal insulation effect. Light insulating bricks need to be processed and cut into corresponding shapes and sizes in the production process in order to meet the use needs.

When cutting the existing light-weight insulating bricks, most of them are manually pushed to cut the light-weight insulating bricks. This operation mode has low safety, the light-weight insulating bricks are not firmly fixed, and the cutting accuracy is poor, resulting in low product quality

The cutting with new technology diamond wire loop saw is fast and of good quality, which is the best choice for cutting in the insulating brick industry at present



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