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How to do silicon wafering by endless diamond wire saw

Cut off the silicon head and silicon tail of the silicon rod  detect the resistivity of the rod body, detect the axial  impurity concentration, and then use a diamond wire loop  to cut the silicon segment;
Use tumbling to grind the bar body, and then grind the  positioning edge;
Then use the multi-segment cutting machine of diamond  wire to cut the silicon segment into the silicon wafer
The core enterprises of global photovoltaic silicon wafers  are Chinese enterprises. In the entire industrial chain  silicon materials, especially high-purity silicon materialshave the highest gross profit margin.
Due to the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry in recent years, the supply of silicon materials has been in  short supply, and the price of silicon materials has been rising steadily
In order to save silicon material, most photovoltaic factories in China do not use band saws to cropping silicon ingots  in the process of processing silicon wafers, but use diamond wires loop to cropping silicon ingots, such as LONGI, WAFER WORKS, Integra TDS, S.r.o. Jinko Solar, ON Semiconductor etc.

Below is a video of a diamond wire loop cropping silicon ingot for your reference:



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