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Are you looking for a band saw to cut through tires?

Are you looking for a band saw to cut through tires? The blade will have to be durable to cut through tread gift and steel beads. However, band saw really satisfy your needs? The purpose of cutting/sawing tires is usually examining internals of the tire construction. If you wish to section tires for the purpose of performing something like a failure analysis, then you would want some sort of cutting machine that would not produce excessive thermal or mechanical stress in the tire structure. It would seem difficult to find a bandsaw with sufficient vertical capacity (ie. around 36") to cut a tire into 2 semi-circles. I think sometimes tire manufacturer probably wants a slice trough the cross section, leastways that’s what we work with. Part of tire manufacturer said that they used a large band saw to cut transverse sections from aircraft tires. Something like a 16 tooth, extra hardness blade. Was kind of hairy cutting the tire bead wire. But, if they were to cut tires on a regular basis, they would look for something other than band sawing. In faced with those problems, the endless diamond wire saw will be your best solution. Ensoll tool have already obtained sufficient experience in cutting tire and Has been recognized by many tire manufacturers. This cutting does not underestimate the hardness and toughness of the steel wire in the tyres and always bring you smooth, plat, clear, burr-free, complete and non-destructive section/cutting surface. 



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