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What is aluminum foam

Foam aluminum is made by adding additives to pure aluminum or aluminum alloy through foaming process, and has both metal and bubble characteristics

Sign. It has not only the lightweight characteristics of porous materials, but also the excellent mechanical properties, thermal, electrical and other physical properties of metal materials.

As a new lightweight porous metal material, foam aluminum is widely used in construction, transportation, machinery, electronics, communications and military

It has a very broad application prospect in engineering and other fields, and is an engineering material with great development potential.

Structural characteristics of foam aluminum:

The larger aperture is 0.3-7mm;

High and controllable porosity: 63% - 90%;

The specific surface area is 10-45cm2 / cm3 larger;

Diversified pore structure: closed cell, through-hole and micro through-hole foam aluminum;

The metal skeleton composition and pore structure are controllable and can meet different needs.

Performance characteristics of foam aluminum

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