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Influence of Diamond Wire on The Development of Photovoltaic Industry

At present, according to different crystal structures, silicon wafers for crystalline silicon solar cells are divided into monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon, which can be used to produce battery modules. In order to solve the processing problem of large-size silicon wafers, the traditional cutting method using mortar as abrasive is adopted internationally, and diamond wire cutting technology is not widely used. At present, how to reduce the cost and improve the production efficiency of photovoltaic modules has become an urgent problem to be solved in the development of photovoltaic industry. The cutting cost control of monocrystalline silicon wafer and polycrystalline silicon wafer has become the focus of enterprises.


In recent years, the competition among photovoltaic enterprises has intensified, and the price of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules has decreased all the way, which puts forward the requirements for silicon wafer production and processing enterprises to further reduce costs. As a new cutting technology, diamond wire cutting has the advantages of sheet cutting, reducing notch loss, reducing silicon material loss, improving processing efficiency, improving chip yield and reducing sewage and COD discharge. It can greatly reduce the cost of silicon wafer production enterprises and improve the quality of silicon wafers.


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