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Influence of diamond wire on the development of crystal industry

With the the convenience of life and the development of science, the crystal industry has entered all aspects of our life, but what is crystal?

Through processing, crystal materials can be widely used in electronic industry, automatic weapons, missile nuclear weapons, man-made satellites and other cutting-edge industries. Crystal can also be divided into piezoelectric crystal, optical crystal, craft crystal and smelting crystal according to its characteristics and uses. Optical crystal is used for all kinds of high-precision instruments and glasses. Craft crystal is a unique and exquisite handicraft. Crystal materials can be applied to many fields after processing. Therefore, the processing method of crystal materials is particularly important.

Generally speaking, the raw materials of crystal materials are relatively expensive, which requires a more accurate way to process crystal materials and reduce consumables. As a new wire cutting technology, diamond wire cutting technology is very suitable for the cutting of crystal materials. So why is diamond wire cutting suitable for cutting crystal materials?

1. High accuracy and less consumables. The diamond wire has a variety of wire diameters. The wire diameter can be adjusted according to the cutting material, hardness and brittleness and customer requirements. The cutting seam is small and the accuracy is high, which greatly reduces the loss of crystal materials.

2. Fast cutting speed and high efficiency. The way of diamond wire loop cutting is different from the traditional reciprocating cutting. endless wire cutting greatly improves the cutting speed, higher efficiency and better effect.

3. Small cutting gap and high cutting surface quality. Material cutting through a small wire diameter can greatly reduce the gap. The diamond wire with uniformly distributed particles can be plated with diamond, and the cutting surface is smooth and flat.



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