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BGO (Bi4Ge3O12) crystal substrate cutting

BGO is the abbreviation of bismuth germanate (bi4ge3o|12). It is a kind of bismuth blende inorganic oxide crystal. It is colorless, transparent and insoluble in water. When it is subjected to high-energy rays such as γ After irradiation with high-energy rays such as X-ray and X-ray or ions, it can emit green light with a wave crest at 480nm. Due to its high cut-off energy, high scintillation efficiency, high energy resolution and non deliquescence,

BGO is the general name of bi2o3-geo2 compounds, the abbreviation of bismuth germanate, and often refers to one of the compounds Bi4Ge3O12. This BGO is a kind of scintillation crystal, colorless and transparent. When electrons with certain energy γ When rays or heavy charged particles enter BGO, it can emit blue-green fluorescence. By recording the intensity and position of fluorescence, the incoming and outgoing electrons can be calculated γ Energy and position of rays, etc. This is the "eye" function of BGO, which can be used as a "detector" of high-energy particles.

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