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Development status of wire cutting machine tools

China's wire cutting machine tools originated in the early 1970s. At the forefront of the implementation of market economy, the development of wire cutting machine tools was relatively slow, mainly because China's electronic industry was relatively backward at that time, and the production plants of wire cutting machine tools were state-owned enterprises.

Although the technical capability is strong, due to the disconnection from the market and the constraints of planned economy, the wire cutting machine tool produced not only has a high failure rate, but also has limited performance (it can only cut 50mm thick and the efficiency is about 30mm & sup2; / min). However, this kind of wire cutting machine tool is a unique machine tool in China. Although its precision is lower than that of foreign wire cutting machines, However, its manufacturing and use costs have absolute advantages and are very suitable for those developing countries. It is precisely because of the demand of this potential market.

After the implementation of market economy in China, many wire cutting machine tool manufacturers have sprung up all over the country, so disorderly competition has emerged in the wire cutting market, which has evolved into price competition. In order to reduce costs, some enterprises with poor technical strength have reduced production standards, and the management of relevant national technical supervision institutions is not effective, The quality of wire cutting machine tools from different manufacturers in the market is greatly different. Some of the same wire cutting machine tools can be used for 10 years without attenuation of accuracy, and some can only be used for two years. The price of wire cutting machine tools of the same specification can vary by 100000 yuan, which really makes it very difficult for users to select models (especially foreign users). If they are not very careful, they will be deceived, So why can these unqualified wire cutting machines still appear in the market?

This is mainly due to the popularization of wire cutting application in China's manufacturing industry. The application of wire cutting machine tools is not limited to mold manufacturing. Wire cutting machine tools are also used for rough machining of most mechanical parts, so low-grade wire cutting machine tools also have a certain market. Another reason is that gb7926-87 wire cutting machine tool accuracy standard clearly stipulates that before reaching this standard, jb2670-82 general rules for accuracy inspection of metal cutting machine tools must be met first. However, some incompetent manufacturers exploit the loopholes of national standards. They ignore jb2670-80 national standards, reduce machining accuracy and select inferior materials in the production process, As a result, the accuracy is completely lost after 1-2 years as described above.

From the perspective of social environment, China has not implemented the market economy for a long time. Some small wire cutting machine tool manufacturers are still in the stage of accumulation of original capital. These manufacturers often do not have the manufacturing capacity of the whole machine and can only be assembled production. There is no quality control in the whole production process, and R & D and innovation are even more impossible, There are many such manufacturers in eastern China. In addition, China's laws supporting the market economy are not mature and local government protection driven by interests, so these enterprises with no production capacity will continue to survive. From the current situation, the state's attitude towards this is to eliminate them naturally through market competition.

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