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Quartz glass applications

Quartz glass is a special industrial technical glass composed of a single component of silicon dioxide. It has a series  of excellent properties unparalleled by ordinary glass. It is praised as theKing of Glass" by experts in the field of  new materials. 

It is an important basic material for national strategic emerging industries such as modern information industry, optics, photovoltaics, semiconductors, and national defense fields such as aerospace.

It is mainly used in electric light sources, semiconductors, new optical technologies, etc. New light sources:  high- pressure mercury lamps, long-arc xenon lamps, tungsten iodine lamps, thallium iodide lamps, infrared lamps and  germicidal lamps, etc  
Semiconductor:  It is an indispensable material in the production process of semiconductor materials and devices, such as crucibles for growing germanium, silicon single crystals, boat furnace core tubes and bell jars. 
In the field of new technologies:  use its excellent performance of sound, light and electricity to make ultrasonic delay  lines on radar, infrared tracking and direction finding, infrared photography, communications, spectrographs, and  spectrophotometers, prism, lens, reflecting windows for large astronomical telescopes, high temperature operating  windows, reactors, radioactive devices; rockets, missile nose cones, nozzles and radomes radio insulation parts for  artificial satellites, radiation; thermal balances, vacuum adsorption devices, precision casting, etc. 
It is also used in:  chemical industry, metallurgy, electrical engineering, scientific research, etc. 
In chemical industry:  it can be used as combustion, cooling and ventilation device for high temperature acid- resistant gas, evaporation of acid solution, cooling absorption, storage device, preparation of distilled water  hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc. and other physical and chemical experimental supplies  
In terms of high temperature operation:  optical glass can be used, crucible can be made into fluorescent body, electric furnace core tube, gas combustion radiator, In terms of optics:  quartz glass and quartz glass wool can be  used as rocket nozzles, spacecraft heat shields and observation windows, etc. 
In short, with the development of modern science and technology, it has been more widely used in various fields



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