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Electronic Information industry leads the rapid development of Diamond Wire Saws

The semiconductor manufacturing industry of China started late. Multi-wire cutting technology has always been the bottleneck of the cutting and processing of semiconductor material, Which mainly refers to the slicing of monocrystalline silicon.

Wafer processing is an important basic link in the IC manufacturing system. The surface roughness and surface integrity of the silicon wafer directly affect the line width of the IC and the performance of the IC chip. While the level of processing technology for the large-size monocrystalline wafers produced by China is quite different from that of the developed countries. Therefore, it is necessary to develop silicon diamond wire cutting processing technology and equipment with independent intellectual property rights for the technical problems in the processing of large-size silicon wafers, and to break the foreign technology blockade. The realization of leap-forward development of China's microelectronics manufacturing technology has far-reaching strategic significance.

At present, the production for large-size single-crystal silicon (Φ450mm) of China could only be cut with a diamond band saw, or cropping, and then grinding the outer circle, other processes can only be sent to foreign for processing. The proportion of diamond wire saws for semiconductor monocrystalline silicon rods is still small. If they can be widely used in multi-segment cutting machines, the market size is enormous.

The loop diamond wire is produced by Ensoll, such as 0.60mm OD for silicon cutting, greatly bring the innovative change, not only for China, but the world.



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