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CBN wire loops or Diamond wire loops is fit for Metal Cutting?

CBN wire loops or Diamond wire loops is fit for Metal Cutting?

Among Metal Cutting Corporations, we are precision metal cutting specialists, the cutting advantages is very obvious with circular saw and circular saw blade, making burr-free, tight tolerance cutting parts from all metals.

Diamond Wire loop has the ability to cut metal at maximum cutting speed with best surface quality. There are different models are fit for metal cutting. Such as  D0.65 and D0.55. Wire length can be customized on request.

Diamond wire loop could be used for cutting hybrid iron materials ,such as ceramic mixed with iron. When cutting pure iron, the iron chips  will adhere onto diamond surface. But if there are ceramic mixed, the ceramic materials will carry off iron chips.

Diamond will react with Fe, Co,Ni (Iron, cobalt, nickel) under high temperature. If you need to cut these metal materials, our CBN wire loops could be you alternative choice!



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