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diamond wire cutting

Wire cutting technology is an advanced square cutting technology in the world. Its principle is to rub the workpiece to be processed (such as silicon rod, sapphire, or other semiconductor hard and brittle materials) through the high-speed diamond wire to cut out the square ingot, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. In the process of cutting the workpiece, the diamond wire forms a wire network on the main roller through the guidance of the wire wheel, and the workpiece to be processed realizes the feed of the workpiece through the rise and fall of the workbench. Under the action of pressure, the automatic cooling water spraying device assembled on the equipment sprays the cooling water to the cutting parts of the diamond wire and the workpiece, and the cutting is generated by the reciprocating motion of the diamond wire, To cut hard and brittle materials such as semiconductors into multiple pieces at one time. Wire cutting technology has the advantages of high efficiency, high productivity and high precision compared with traditional knife saw blade, grinding wheel blade and inner circle cutting.

Diamond wire loop saw developed by Zhengzhou Insoll Tool Technology Co., Ltd. has independent intellectual property rights and a number of patented technologies.As a leading diamond wire loop producers in China ,Ensoll is also second to none in the international diamond wire market.



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