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Application of Muti-Diamond Wire Saw to Slice Sic Crystal

Silicon carbide with high power density, low heat dissipation, strong ability to resist radiation and silicon carbide and nitride, the lattice mismatch rate is small, therefore, it is considered to be the most promising semiconductor substrate materials ". As the hardness of the silicon material is about 9.25, the processing become more difficult, use the cutting machine or single wire saw can't effectively improve work efficiency, therefore, it must use many wire-cutting equipment.


The earliest wire-cutting equipment is mostly mainly composed of steel wire and mortar. in cutting process, the mortar spraying between steel wire and the processing of crystal. Now that many wire-cutting equipment is mainly used in the process of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon wafer cutting.


In order to reduce the cutting time and the ability to cut higher hardness sapphire and silicon carbide materials, new cutting equipment developed, which is fixed on the steel line will diamond grains of diamond wire cutting equipment.


Compared with the traditional way of cutting, diamond wire cutting equipment has more advantages


(1) Diamond wire saw can cut electric spark cutting equipment which can not cut conductor materials without electrical properties, and greatly shorten the cutting period for the crystalline material.

(2) The diamond wire can be wound on the multi-groove guide wheel to cut multiple thin wafers at the same time;

(3) The cutting loss of diamond wire cutting is very low. 



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