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The cutting forms of the Diamond Wire saw

There are three forms of diamond wire saw cutting:

Winding type saw: when cutting, the wire is wound from one winding wheel to another. The wire has no weld joint and can realize higher speed cutting, but the wire must have enough length. The tight adjustment mechanism is cumbersome. Due to the development of the electronics industry, Japan has studied more of this diamond wire saw and has a wide range of practical applications. At present, the minimum diameter of this diamond wire saw can reach 0.22mm.

Reciprocating saw: which is mostly driven by a crank mechanism. The wire is reciprocated up and down. This kind of saw has a simple structure and good adaptability. It can cut all kinds of hard and brittle materials inside and outside curved surfaces. However, due to the reciprocating motion, the effective working length of the wire is limited and the utilization rate of the wire is low.

Loop diamond wire saw: The wire saw is welded into a round shape, and circular cutting is achieved through the guide wheel. Diamond wire loop saws can work over the entire length, long life, and high cutting speeds.

Ensoll diamond wire belongs to the 3rd cutting form and could realize the high cutting speed and efficiency cutting!



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