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Natural jade cutting by endless diamond wire loop saw

Natural jade refers to the jade without artificial chemical treatment, which is produced by nature and has beautiful, durable, rare and technological value. A few are amorphous.

The river is flowing, so the jade in the river becomes fine and crystal after drifting in the river for a long time. Such natural jade seeds are first-class goods. Most of the minerals mined in the mountains are mountain ores, and many of them are difficult to carve because they are in stones. Then, after careful carving by the master, they can become beautiful jade carvings in the shop

the way to distinguish

Natural jade is mainly composed of silicate

① Luster: whether translucent or opaque, real jade has a warm luster. It is normal to have a small amount of impurities or cotton like patterns inside; The color of the fake jade is dry, dull and dull, and some of them have bubbles.

② Hardness measurement: cut and scrape with a knife, leaving no trace on real jade.

③ Weight: real jade feels heavy, while fake jade feels light.

④ Listen to the sound: hang the jade in the air with a string and knock it with a hard object. The sound of the genuine jade is clear and pleasant, and the aftertaste is melodious; The fake is relatively dull and dry.

⑤ Looking at the fracture: when observed with a 10x magnifying glass, the fracture of the real jade is uneven, and a relatively fine structure can be seen; The fracture of the fake jade is neat and shiny. It is often a glass imitation. The fracture with rough structure and no wax like luster is a stone imitation.



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