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Why Choose Endless Diamond Wire Loop for Glass Cutting?

Compared with the waterjet and laser for glass cutting, endless diamond wire loop with obvious advantages. 0.3mm diamond wire, 840mm length, 0.65mm OD both could be supplied based on your requirements.

Glass is an essential component of numerous products that we use every day, most often without noticing it. The emerging demand for glass material creates big work load for glass cutting industry .

Traditional diamond cutting tools can't do the Omni-directional cutting and it's cutting speed is too low to meet the market requirements. Waterjet cutting is faster and more precise ,but it has thickness limitation and the cutting kerf is bigger. Laser cutting will be easy to cause the edge outbreaks and the cutting machine is very expensive.

Ensoll diamond wire saw loop combines all the advantages of old cutting tools: Fast ,Precise, Flexible and High quality.



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