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Sapphire cutting by Endless Diamond Wire Loop Saw - Ensoll

As sapphire gradually enters various aspects of life and market demand gradually expands, sapphire cutting technology is also particularly important. The cutting method of sapphire is different from that of diamonds. Sapphire does not have a geometric design for cutting to achieve maximum brilliant effect. When checking the cutting of gemstones, it is important to see if the cutting reveals the beauty of the gemstones to the fullest.

The traditional sapphire cutting process involves using an inner circle cutting technique to cut sapphire crystals in the form of rods or ingots into flakes. This cutting method causes severe losses to sapphire crystal materials, not only with low chip yield and efficiency, but also with quality degradation on the surface due to defects in the cutting process, making it impossible to use the cut sapphire for materials with high wear resistance, brittleness, and high hardness.



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