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Stainless steel cutting by endless diamond wire loop saw

Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, formability, compatibility, and strong toughness over a wide temperature range, stainless steel has been widely used in industries such as heavy industry, light industry, daily necessities, and building decoration.

Both grinding and machining can cause surface roughness, grooves, overlaps, and burrs. Each defect may also damage the metal surface to a certain depth, so that the damaged metal surface cannot be cleaned by pickling, electropolishing or shot blasting (such as dry sand blasting, and glass bead abrasive). Rough surfaces can become the source of corrosion and deposition products, and cleaning weld defects or removing excess weld reinforcement before rewelding cannot be done with rough grinding

Endless diamond wire cutting known as unidirectional high-speed cutting. Therefore, there are no marks due to cutting back and forth, and the cutting surface has high precision. Changing the feed direction can cut two-dimensional curved surfaces. At the same time, the endless diamond wire saw does not have the forward and reverse directions like the traditional long wire that needs to acceleration and deceleration process.



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