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Diamond Wire Loop

    Cutting Wire of Tires

    • Product description: Cutting Wire of Tires are maily used to cut tire sections,it's made for tire producting company.they use thes tire cutting wire do do qulaity check,Ensoll cutting wire of tires are widely accepted all

    Tire Section Cutting Wire

    Tire munufacturing companies have to check the construction by cut tire sections ,there is a lot difficuties to cut tire ,because there are a lot steel inside the rubber.

    Tire section cutter diameter 2.0 is widely used to cut tire section.It's usually using with a tyre section cutter machine,which installs two wire cutters per time .


    Tire Section Cutting Wire Spec

    • Core Wire Diameter : 2.0 mm
    • Wire Perimeter :    4500 mm or  7330  mm,9330 mm (Other length on request)
    • Tensile Strength is: 300 N
    • Interval Distance is: 15 mm
    • Diamond Section: 11 mm
    • Lengths Tolerance: +/- 5 mm
    • OD tolerance : +/- 0,2 mm

    Cutting Effect

    Serving Life

    Ensoll tire section cutting wire can cut around 250 sections on  average for car tire(PCR).

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